There are presently no open calls for submissions.

THEM is a literary journal of trans* writers. As such only authors that identify within the trans* umbrella will be considered (more here)

THEM accepts poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, experimental writing, and pretty much anything. THEM is especially excited by writing that is particular, writing that doesn't appeal to "being trans*" as if it were one, complete narrative. We are not just trans*. Race, class, ability, size, and sexuality constitute and distribute the oppression of trans* folks. Addressing our bodies as they are engendered without addressing how they are racialized, sexualized, colonized, and/or colonizing is to default to normative and oppressive ways of naming and assembling our bodies.

Writing as if there is one
 common trans* narrative is nothing more than writing a racist and ableist myth.

Read more about THEM here.